Satori XR


Industry 4.0 -

Augmented reality/3D software

  • Product Sales and marketing tools

  • Process control, simulation and gamification

  • Training and education

Automotive & Commercial Vehicles

Satori Digital Work Instructions

Digital work instructions allow you to Save the environment, improve quality and process control, implement audit, take realtime measurements and more..

Satori 3D dashboard

Enhance situational awareness and empirical understanding by having information and data overlaid on a digital twin, be it a factory, a machine or the whole world.

Satori 3D catalog

The Mobile/PC/web 3D catalog with AR allows your prospective buyer to interact with and understand your product improving the sales experience and reducing errors and returns.

Automotive & Commercial Vehicles

Automotive & Commercial Vehicles

Satori Training and Marketing App

The mobile or web app offers a great many advantages in the new age of digital selling such as consistent messaging, immersive content and effective sales story telling.

Satori Training and Education apps

Satori training and education apps allow students and trainees to visualise difficult concepts and directly improve cognitive outcomes. The apps have been demonstrated to improve understanding and extend attention spans in a classroom environment as well.

Our products walk the talk

  • Products designed for the shop floor by engineers

  • Tested on the Vibromech shop floor first

  • Environmental benefit: Save 1/5th of an average tree per year per machine

  • Validated in a class room

Automotive & Commercial Vehicles