Vibration Dampers
Vibration Dampers

Vibration Dampers
Paddle Wheel Type

Backed by the years of dedicated research in vibration engineering, Vibromech - paddle wheel dampers are internationally accepted.

Product Reliability In heavy duty engines like prime movers and railway traction engine is critical. Paddle wheel dampers are used for crankshafts and camshafts.

The Paddle Wheel Damper has four major components: A spider, an intermediate ring and the two outer rings. The spider forms the hub of the damper and mounts on the crankshaft. The gear profile of the spider fits into the intermediate ring gear profile. The spider vibrates in the gap formed between the two gear profiles, of the spider and the intermediate ring, thereby working on the high pressure oil contained in the damper. This results in damping of shaft vibrations.

The gears, made to close tolerance, ensure effective damping and are effective for the entire speed range.

High strength materials chosen for the different components ensure a long trouble-free working life.

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